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Our brother was born with heterotaxy, dextrocardia, right atrial isomerism, unbalanced AVSD, congenital pulm sterosis, asplenia, and he's in congestive heart failure. He's 21 years old and has beat the odds all of his life. Although he has always been limited on what he can do he never let that hold him back. About 4 weeks Ricky started having trouble getting around. He would get out of breathe walking to the bathroom, He was having really bad pain in his right leg, and he was sleeping a lot more than usual. So he went to see his cardiologist and ended up getting admitted to the hospital because he was in severe heart failure. A couple days into his stay we were told that he was no longer on the transplant list because he had missed some doctor appointments and he had told his doctor when he was feeling well that he wasn't ready for a heart transplant not knowing that his body was failing him. Ricky is now in dyer need of a transplant. He's on two different medicines to help his heart pump and he's on a blood thinner because an MRI showed 3 very small strokes and they believed the strokes were caused by his thick blood. A new heart is his only option. A Commitee should not be aloud to play god and decide who gets a heart. Please help us get our brothers story out there and hopefully it'll help him get a new heart and it'll help shine some light on people in general being denied organ transplants because they don't fit the profile the cardiologists put together.

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