Revamp child services in alberta

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Dear child services of Alberta.. you have taken our children because you think that they are in need..being neglected or abused in our care! Yet you do not check the source of the call you may do not work with the families to help place suppourts with the families as you do not help these families because the children are not in your care. You think that you can do better.

The hard cold truth is too many children have been harmed at you systimactic beliefs .. children have been abused and neglected and have died in your care. You do not keep your end up-to-date on what is helping with the children of Alberta that are in care. You don't keep in touch with the so called foster place ment where you pay minimum 77.65 dollars a day that the children are in care so for one child that is 2000 a month for the foster parent to support that child( reality most families make more than 2000 a month for one child ) but yet the children you take are given the bare minimum for basic needs. Your foster homes are made up of petty people who do not care about the children in thier homes like the parents would that these children belong to.

So many children have died in your care and not once have you been held accountable for this.

You cause mental disorders and cause parents to develop (perfict parent syndrome) although you claim no one is perfict but the standard you hold for anyone parent to follow your plans..even though over half of your workers don't have experience or even know how to raise a child because they don't have children themselves.

You call your selves CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES and yet the only people that you protect are don't protect the Alberta children at all you have caused more harm and grief. You don't even treat families as families you rip them apart and expect them to be normal after all the he'll you have put them through and for What?? Because your on a power trip and can not do your job properly.

When parents call you out on your bullshit it's an act of the parents being malicious towards you.

You flag parents because they were in care themselves as children.. so if these parents were in your care and they are such a danger to thier children as you so fear( believe it or not you are at fault for not raising them right) see a trend here yet..

Alberta child services are the worst caregiver or parent a child could have .

I wanted this put out there . Myself and many Alberta families have struggled with the fact that child services can walk into your home for any reason they seem to find fit and remove your children from your care. There have been numourus deaths of children in Alberta who were under the care of child service. Most of the case workers are overloaded with clients and do not have the proper training. Child services also do not put down the real reasons of apprehension sometimes and just put (General neglect) also when it comes to families that have special needs children they become a target for child services to intervene...or indigenous peoples..low income families or people who were a child in care themselves. We all believe that child services needs to be revamped so that if families need help they are not afraid to reach out and ask..we want them to be held accountable for the emotional stress on the children and any abuse or neglect caused by the foster homes. We would like to see child services held accountable for all deaths of children while they were in the care of child of right now Alberta child services can just walk in and apprehend our children and than get a court ordered apprehension from the courts they do not need to notify you. The damage they cause emotionally by doing this is appalling.