Getting children to get the proper medical or psychological support they need and deserve

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David Stephan an individual who takes absolutely no ownership of the role he played in the death of his own child is trying to say that it should be lawful for parents to choose the type of medical interventions their child receives. Here’s a quote from his Facebook account stating that it’s more important take parents opinions over actual medical facts

"With our Supreme Court hearing coming up this Tuesday - which will not only effect the future of our family, but the future of all Canadians as this landmark, precedent setting case is being used to deprive parental rights and health freedoms in Canada "

If Mr Stephan wins this retrial it potentially means that parents can use anything to treat their own child. Regardless of how ridiculous it, and not be held responsible for their actions. It's obvious that he has no issues with communicating his dangerous beliefs and playing the victim. We need to have a zero tolerance towards people who refuse to accept medical treatments and give them the sentences that they deserve 

I’m making this petition so that we take children’s rights over the dangerous opinions of some parents. In order for children to get the proper support that they need and deserve. People like David Stephan who not only think that they’ve done nothing wrong, and when you look at the facts it’s pretty obvious that he played a major part in the death of his own child. Should be given the maximum sentence for refusing to get the proper medical treatment for their child. Not only should Mr Stephan get the maximum sentence but parents like him should also. We should never take or be able to take away the right for children to get the proper medical or psychological support they need to reach their fullest potential. Sometimes it's more important to do the right thing then be right. Please sign my petition for making a difference in the lives of children who don't get the proper medical treatment due to their own parents