Express Your Love to Your Parents

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Harmonious relationship in a family is important. In this world, each and everyone of us has different ways in communicating with our family members especially to our parents. Some are having a hard time in being affectionate and expressive to their parents but some are not. Specifically, in this generation, even though we are getting much more technologically inclined, many children still find being expressive challenging. 

This petition aims to give awareness to every children who are having a hard time being expressive of their love to their parents. Everyone of us knows that a relationship with our parents has something to do with the way we communicate and socialize with others. When an individual has a very strong and affectionate relationship with their parents, it can give many positive results in the future. It can also eliminate many risks of negative effects like mental illnesses for example.

As a fruit of your parents' love, you have the choice and capability to influence others, it is in your hands to promote being expressive to your parents.

We love and we care.

Start Expressing your Love today! 


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