INDIANA: Include Interactive and Engaging Education Options for Students that Need It

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This petition has been created to find a solution for the best interest of all children's educational needs. I created this petition in hopes that traditional textbook learning and teaching be brought back into the school system. My hope is that the options for children and their different learning abilities and strengths be nurtured and addressed with traditional textbooks and technology together.

There are plenty of fact based articles, and psychological studies online proving that children each learn in their own ways and at their own pace. Not all students benefit from technology only cirriculums. Some students, with higher IQ's, and some with learning disabilities, benefit from a more hands-on approach to learning - including textbooks, paper and pencil, flash cards, etc.

The problem with today's education is that it is focused more on the the technological advancements of our country, over considering the real needs of each child. My belief is that each child should be evaulated to find the perfect balance between traditional and technological cirriculums so they can thrive! Some children benefit primarily from a technological way of learning, and others do not, and the reasons for that can vary. Removing the option of learning in the traditional way has left some children, and even renowned teachers, behind. A child should never be penilized for being uncapable of learning the same way other children are.

As a parent. the safety of my child online is also a huge consideration. If schools are going to force technology on our students, they need to invest in better security and privacy controls on provided devices. Parents should also have the option, whether for religious reasons, or not, to decline their child access to those devices and have their child taught in a more traditional classroom setting with textbooks.

This petition is not to advocate the idea of removing technology from students, but to add to their enrichment with the option of textbooks and traditional learning tools. Also, the importance of investing in online safety for our children.

We are our childrens' advocates!

For those who have read this full petition thank you for your time, and my hope is that you will sign, and share for other parents' and their children! God bless and have a great day!!God's will is a beautiful thing and powerful.

We are one nation under God

God bless,

Cassie Hancock

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