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Children Digital Privacy in Child Care Facilities

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In this digital era, like most millennial parents, it never occurred to me how much damage I was doing to my little ones. All without knowing and without signing any consent!

Few months back when a friend of mine revealed, joking, my whereabouts since last 10years, I ignored. But, not until he started saying about my kid...

He kinda revealed almost everything about my 2year old kid. Like...

  • which daycare he is in
  • how old is he now
  • how he looks

I asked him how? he said, he used facial recognition technology to match my kid's face that was shared by Daycare Center where my kid is currently going to.

When I tag my kid or anyone for that matter on any social networks, I am always aware of with whom I am sharing.

But, never realized there is someone else in our life who can freely share our kid photos with the world. May turn into dangerous and deadly act when seen by wrong persons.

This petition is filed to the "STATE OF CALIFORNIA–HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES AGENCY" to take action against "Family Childcare/Daycare/Extended Care providers", who are under clear violation of our family sharing our children pictures, videos to the social networks and/or with other parents without our prior consent.

***Even though petition here suggests the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, I am sure our success in this petition can pave a path for agencies across The United States of America.***

Here is what I am asking from you:

  1. Sign Petition if you have experienced or experiencing violation by any Family Childcare/Daycare/Extended Care provider. Or know someone who did.
  2. Share with other parents in your daycare where this is taking place.
  3. Share details of the Family Childcare/Daycare/Extendedcare provider(s) who are under violation. Helps to show proof.

A year ago, when someone told me about digital kidnapping (a woman started claiming someones kid as her own by showing kid photos as proof), I quite didn't believe that. But, now, I do (link at the bottom).

Let us take fight for the right to protect our children digital legacy!!! Please join your hands today...

Additional Notes:

Someone simply gathers photos to claim twin-girls!

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