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Leo home

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.... Leo is my son, he's a year and half old.  He was taken from my care from a emergency call I had made because I was having an anxiety attack and couldn't breathe.  I called 911 displatch and the ambulance brought my son with me because no one else was home with us.  Because no one was able to come to the hospital while I was in the emergency room, they had to follow their procedure I'm assuming and cys took him into their custody.   Due to a bs report prior to the incident, cys took Leo and accused me of a drug overdose. Those who know me well enough, know this is absolute and total bullshit.   

However, since my son has been in the care of the foster program while I await court I have several situations regarding Leo's wellbeing.   He's had bruises, black eye, scratches, poorly dressed for the weather and one time broken soleless shoes.   The most serious issues have been the caseworkers trying to convince me by signing an agreement to allow the foster family to take him over night out of the state and claimed would look good for the judge.  I did NOT comply.   Also, his last visit 2 weeks ago, my son was very sick, fever, running nose, wheezing, congested and dressed with short sleeves and to small pants when it was cold and raining (sept 2). I called his pediatrician on my visit with him and they demanded to speak to the worker with me supervising the visit and told them to take my son to urgent care immediately for evaluation.  The two workers there, state workers could not take him, they were on the phone making calls trying to locate the foster family to ensure he would go.  One was a cys driver the other was a supervisor to watch me on my visit with him.  It took my doctors office to call the Emergancy number and tell the child abuse center Leo's condition.  He was then taken to urgent care.... following that issue the day after, my son was taken for a head injury.  And the er documents were forwarded to me. This was sept second and third.   Last weekend my son was still very sick, and the cys driver told me that I was over reacting and to obey what they wanted me to do in order to get him back, that she was not going to tolerate me being concerned for my son.   Since this past weekend I've called, emailed, and texted cys and my attorney to address and get my son.  I am very afraid for his wellbeing.  My child had bruises near his temples, his eyes, and being sick now, was to be using a breathing treatment every few hours or as needed and tylonal and Ibprofin. My son was not brought to the visit with anything for his visit. And both times in the two weeks in four hours did not have a single wet or dirty diper.   

Please help me get my son back, this is out of my immediate control, and I feel helpless as to complying with the situation via cys, and the fact I know something is very wrong.  

I can provide pictures and er reports of the issues I have addressed in this.  Please help me get my son home as quickly as possible.  Any parent would understand my concern considering watching their sick child drive off with a cys transport person knowing he needed to see a doctor and pray for him that he actually went.  I didn't hear word of his visit to the er until five days later.   

Not to mention the other situation where he was taken for his well visit check up,  according to the office.  My son was not seen at all.

please, everyone. Help me get my son back 



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