Childhood Statelessness (Prisoner) should be declared Torture- A child deserves to be FREE

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Stateless = Loss of freedom, NOT Counted, NO Rights, DO NOT Exist

UnStateless = Freedom, Counted, Rights, Due Process

Every One should always fight for their rights, the issue is that simple - do you support freedom or not?

In a civilized world, are you on the side of freedom or not? Are you against child exploitation and abuse? If so, then childhood statelessness is an issue close to your heart deserving of your action and STAND with Us. All we are asking for is your compassion for fellow humans, especially innocent children. And for that we request you to be aware of facts surrounding innocent children less fortunate. Most of us have food, shelter, clothing but we also want truth, liberty and equality, is that wrong? If you believe in equality for intersex, immigrants, infertile then you will agree that children born via IVF/Surrogacy to intersex, immigrant, infertile family ALSO deserve to be treated as equals and not as castaways. Such children maybe a minority within a minority which should evoke reasons for helping the issues rather than denying bitter truth and cold-hard facts and the denials add to the ongoing exploitation and abuse of innocent children, not solving the issues! We are hopeful that people in general are helpful and not hurtful by denying basic facts let alone solving. We stand for JEDI - Justice, Equality, Diversity, Inclusivity for all and that's our ask - this is first a personal issue of survival for us while it maybe a political/social/legal issue for others.

Why Contact You?
Dealing with social, legal, financial issues of infertility, intersex, immigration, statelessness cannot be done ALONE by one man, we need your support to solve these issues that affects child rights, women rights, human rights which we believe you support. These issues are NOT solvable by governments with millions of people then how can we expect one man to solve the SAME issues? I believe humans help humans and that you are a loving parent with a conscience for any child, we appeal to your conscience of like-minded individuals to rally around girls (and boys) forcibly made stateless causing loss of freedom and denial of rights. Regardless of how a child becomes stateless, the child DID NOT choose to have their freedom stolen. If illegal acts were committed by adults and a child is born, do we continue to punish innocent children in statelessness or do we move forward and help innocent children to live freely? Laws for infertility are unequal especially when most laws require a “genetic link” between parent and child to establish rights of a child, how can an infertile adult provide a “genetic link” to a child? That’s the entire reason why some infertile adults engage in IVF/Surrogacy to have a child whether it’s ethical or not, moral or not, legal or not as there is NO other way to have a child. Now if the adult broke laws even if out of desperation to have a child, should the child be PUNISHED? An IVF/Surrogacy born child is the SOLUTION to infertility in adults, not the problem. So the reason to contact the wider audience, the majority who do not deal with infertility issues, the question for all humanity is does solving infertility have to mean exploitation and abuse of children by denying their basic rights and freedom?

What is the Issue?
Some children, in millions, lack proper legal birth paperwork and are rendered stateless and cannot get a legal identity which directly causes them to lose their freedom and several other rights like access to education, health care, normal life, etc and not to mention loss of dignity, respect and no due process as they have no legal identity. This is a "human-made" issue and therefore it can also be solved by humans in the spirit of words of Madiba. This is where we need your help to become a voice for the voiceless children. Childhood statelessness has been around for centuries and has been even recognized as torture by a sitting US Supreme Court Judge and Human Rights groups but yet no international body will declare it as torture.

We humbly ask for your support to declare childhood statelessness as torture. 

UN already has the "I, Belong" program, the USA has laws like Girls Count Act (also boys), India has Save the Girl Child, and almost every civilized country has a similar program. In spirit, we are asking for the SAME things which these laws are asking within their own nations but we want the same protections across international borders for any child.

The solution is a matter of "stroke of a pen" from a person of authority.

Why are we asking your help?
We need your help, we cannot do this alone. Today, I call upon you to act from your conscience and all I ask is does every child deserve to be FREE? If you agree, please support by signing the petition as a first step to FREE millions of innocent children including mine. If as a global community, we support the Kimberley Process for "conflict-free" blood diamonds, should there be an equivalent process for "conflict-free" stateless and international Surrogacy born children? 

Who are we asking help from?
White-collar, educated, majority (birth based discrimination historically works this way - be it slavery, women's rights, civil rights, and so on - they all have one thing in common) - discrimination based on how a person is "born" and we have to stand up to the status quo.

Why NOW?
Infertility is very traumatic. People who deal with it are going from one trauma to the next in dealing with questions like Why no child? How to have a child? Where to have a child? Who is responsible for the child? When to have a child? But never in a million years one thinks that having a child is a crime and the innocent children will be punished by stealing their freedom instead of celebrating them as symbols who helped solve infertility in their own way - being born. What Braille is to a blind child, what hearing aids are to hearing impaired child, passport (freedom) is to a stateless child.

Recently, a court in US granted citizenship to a Surrogacy born sibling where one was counted legally while the other was not because of the archaic language in the US laws and its gross misinterpretation by bureaucrats. This is exactly the case of our family, its just that this case came 10 years after we were separated. We didn't have the resources to fight like this family, does it mean we deserve NO rights and be exploited and be split up as siblings? This first of its kind case proves our fight is real, we are not the liars, someone else is. This loophole in the laws and its inequality can be exploited and can happen to ANY vulnerable and destitute biological family of having a "Sophie's choice" on which innocent child/sibling to help and save? The non-biological adult can cast away a child with no repurcusions. In the normal world, child abandonment, child abuse, child exploitation are crimes, just not the same if its a Surrogacy born" child, why? Children are protected from abuse and exploitation from adults including strangers, parents but SAME protection does not exist from step-parent, why? The threat and exploitation against Surrogacy born children is real and existent as per UN despite all efforts to intimidate and silence us to suppress our voice and we need YOUR help.

Fight WE must or be dust, we humbly ask you to be a part of the solution and let us unite to ensure every child deserves to be FREE, free to live, free to get education, free to health care access, free to travel, freedom to be free.

If you agree, please support by signing the petition as a first step to FREE millions of innocent children including mine and share with family, friends, any like-minded individuals because in the spirit of the words by Gandhiji (Be the change you want to see in this world) together us the common human, the mango people, CAN effect change - maybe over time but it's important to take the FIRST STEP today for a better tomorrow.

Thank you for taking the time - have a blessed FREE day.