Childcare assistance for providers and families.. expeditiously!

Childcare assistance for providers and families.. expeditiously!

June 14, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Fay Carr

I am sure this is national, but I am focusing on Florida right now. There are COUNTLESS homes with HOAs (Home Owner Associations) popping up left and right and high-priced apartments being built and no one ALLOWS FUNDING OR  MORE SPACE FOR CHILD CARE CENTERS!!

These are JUST SOME of the statewide statistics from the State of Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), which may SEEM adequate, but there is a large amount of desperate parents in need of child care: 

There are 11,535 providers, including centers

There was, as of the 2020 census,  1,154,399 children under 5 years of age in Florida.

Home Providers can only take up to 6 children under age 5 at a time.

Large homes can care for up to 12 children.

There are possibly over 247,000 children or more still in need.

My daughter lives near Orlando, in growing Polk County where there are approximately 600 new residents PER DAY.  She is just one child care provider that has the HEART to help families and young children, but cannot accommodate over 150 parents that have contacted her for care and education of their children.

She cannot find any malls that will accept a childcare business, she cannot find property to purchase: many are becoming gated communities with a gazillion rules and childcare is NOT acceptable.

The State of Florida DCF is NOT bending any rules to help either. I have a son in Broward County, South Florida and its the same story: higher and higher rents with longer and longer childcare waiting lists. This includes subsidized child care assistance and the cash-paying parents. THERE IS A SERIOUS NEED!

Parents have to work one or more jobs, just to live in Florida. WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?? Where can they go and how many can afford it??

This petition is to draw attention the the childcare dilemma, and to help the smaller providers get grants, funding, donations etc. to open up more centers for the wee ones.

Can't the government step in? Let's work to make changes for affordable and safe childcare and help to open locations.

We don't want parents taking a "chance" to leave children home while they work without safe supervision.


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Signatures: 205Next Goal: 500
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