Save the children.Kill domestic violence!

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All over Guyana South America,more and more children have been waking up to the grim reality of maternal absence on account of domestic violence.Based on my observation of and conversation with some family members of the deceased domestic violence victims it is pellucidly clear that the families, specifically the children do not get adequate support to help them deal with this issue.If it is true that,"the children are the future," then Guyana, the land of my birth has a bleak future; and I would love to see that changed.It needs to change for the children's sake!

While some witness their mothers being murdered by their fathers as onlookers record the gruesome occurrences on Facebook Live,some discover their mothers' naked butchered bodies sprawled on floors;and yet others are forced to deal with gossip and lies about their mothers whose bodies have been discovered sprawled on street corners riddled with more than a dozen bullet holes.

I therefore call on the Childcare and Protection Agency, Ministry of Social Protection,Guyana South America and other governmental and non-governmental organizations in and out of Guyana to foster programs that allow children trapped in the cruel jaws of domestic violence to have a continuous outlet for their traumatic experiences.For instance, provide materials and host forums that allow children who lost their mothers to domestic violence to incorporate speaking,writing,or drawing about the nightmares they have encountered prior to,during and following their mothers' brutal demise.

Moreover,involve the schools,social workers and community leaders to join in the conversation on how to help our children deal with issues that pervade and threaten their childhood.Have counselors and social workers visit those children's homes and schools to help them through their difficult times.Enquire about the strengths of the deceased mothers and highlight these so that their children and others can connect with and emulate those strengths.

By  letting out pent-up emotions such as fear and anger,children will be in a better position to conquer emotional and psychological trauma, instead of,"replicating the violence they witnessed as children in their teen and adult relationships and parenting experiences."

Let's join hearts to say," STOP KILLING OUR MOTHERS!" A better alternative is  to KILL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!

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