Make A Better Adoption System For Orphans Who Have Have Been Abused

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Everyday in the United States, an average of 5 children die due to child abuse and neglect. The overall average a year is 6 million children. This is a very serious issue in the United States and is dealt with but not always in the right way. A lot of times, these children would be abused and took away from their abusing/neglecting  families and then put into a system like foster home, orphanage, or group home. But these places and the people in them aren't always very kind. Most of the time, it is a matter of luck for the child whether or not, they get a safe place that they feel comfortable to live in until they come of age to live by themselves.  

When a child first move into the system, they are moved from foster family to foster family. If they get adopted, they are pretty lucky and if they are not, the foster families would either refuse or agree to take care of them. The refusal part happens mostly because of the child's behavior. But they have had a pretty hard life, would you be happy and nice if you went through what they did?  I must say our country has gotten better with giving children to loving families in some places but we still need to step up our game. When children are adopted they aren't all given to nice and loving families, and sometimes abuse and neglect repeats itself with the adopted family. The Adoption Center does check in with the adoption families but the they would probably do anything to hide what they are truly doing to the child or children, and a lot of times they would threaten the kid. This makes the kid extremely vulnerable to ask for any help at all, and this is not only about their life as a child. If the kid isn't safe, this will affect their future life too. After they leave the system when they come of age, they might end up in a bad place or end up as a criminal. Most of the time when the kid have siblings, they are split apart and when they grow up they either go looking for each other or not, or go looking and never find them. Think about this. Couldn't we make this system better?

Sadly, in the United States we don't very much orphanages but we do have something called group homes. They are considered the alternative for children who have issues stemming from their neglect and abuse when a foster home cannot or will not care for them, or they have not been adopted. A lot of times, they do not have the best living conditions. These children have been traumatized. They need a place where they have a safe environment, shelter, food, education, and someone who can give them some psychological help. 

In conclusion, I believe we should work to make a better system and add more funding to the Child Welfare Organization for orphaned kids who have been abused/neglected or even ones who haven't. This is our countries kids and our job is to help and protect them the best we can. Remember they are our future and they represent our country as much as we do.



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