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Stop revoking driver's licenses because of back due child support

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My husband's ex-wife went to the CSED office and told them he didn't pay her child support from April 2009 to December 2010. Without asking my husband if this were true, or asking for proof otherwise, they sent him a letter stating he owes nearly $5,000 in back due child support. We are a family of six, we have his two kids a little over half the week (joint custody). We financially support them when they are with us as well as pay her monthly child support. We barely make enough money to get by. So now because she decided to lie we are in even more debt. He did pay her during that time frame, even gave her more when she needed it, but because it was in cash, they take her word for it. We are not financially in a place to pay the back due child support and recently got a letter stating they are going to revoke my husband's driver's license, unless they get a little over $1,000 and he agrees to sign a stipulation stating they can issue a bench warrant for his arrest if he misses just one payment. We are both hard working adults or love and care for our children. These "punishments" don't just affect my husband, they affect our family. That's why something needs to be done to change the laws regarding filing for unpaid child support and revoking driver's licenses as "punishment".

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