Child Support Accountability

Child Support Accountability

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Akhilesh Srivastava started this petition to New York State Senate and

The family court judge told me in the court room "she can do whatever she wants with the child support money and she does not have to give any accounting". Then why is it called Child Support???? My child has little to do with the child support money. Why US laws allows my or anyone's child turned into a cash cow by money hungry recipient parent?

The best solution would be "child support payments should be deposited in pro-rated share by both parents into an Escrow Account and those funds be utilized only for the intended purpose by the lower income spouse". Child Support should have restrictions similar to EBT Card or Health Savings Account, wherein recipient parent can spend the funds only for the intended purpose. Any unspent money should stay in that account as savings which can be used at a later time.

Please note my petition is not for changing the recipient parent eligibility criteria or any change to the child support calculation formula, but an absolute law to ensure child is the sole beneficiary of the child support payments.

Child Support is meant for the child not for the recipient parent! Bottom line of the Child Support Payment is well being of the child; which is the responsibility of both parents! Why make one parent paying and the other one recipient without enforcing accountability, thus all possibilities of misuse of funds by the recipient parent and making the paying parent frustrated. If the recipient parent intends to utilize the funds for the intended purpose, then why so much resistance against enforcing accountability? With no law in place to enforce accountability, and recipient parent can spend the money at its sole discretion, it in fact becomes parent support, thereby jeopardizing child's well being.

It is imperative that New York State laws governing child support needs an overhaul for the sake of:

  1. Ensuring Child's welfare
  2. Eliminate nasty custody battle with the motive of receiving child support
  3. Eliminate need for an accounting of how the money was spent by the recipient parent
  4. Provide a big relief to family courts dealing with the child support related complaints
  5. Peace of mind for both the parents.
  6. Significantly reduce number of dead-beat parents
  7. Prevent innocent children turned into cash cows by the recipient parent
  8. To promote healthy co-parenting of the child


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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!