Child Sexual Abuse in Education

Child Sexual Abuse in Education

August 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jennifer Lee

I’m a homeschooler. Always have been. Predators like Marka Bodine are at the top of list of reasons why. While teaching middle school in Texas she groomed her then 12 year old male student into trusting her by playing his favorite video games with him and texting. 

Once she felt she had gained his trust she took advantage of his innocence and youth.

He probably believed she had his best interest at heart, after all she was his TEACHER.

Marka, a full grown adult, coerced a sexual relationship with him at age 13. She continued to abuse him sexually for over 3 years, including having full blown sexual intercourse (rape) inside the classroom of the school building where she taught.

At some point after the abuse started Marka moved into the child’s building where he lived. She literally moved her residence to his same place of residence. It takes a seriously demented mind to do this. But this type of shit is what the system allows for- especially for children who are left unsupervised often.


Especially for white women. They perceive themselves to be virtually untouchable.
And based on the verdict- she may be right.

Please understand this system of Justice and Injustice are not equally yoked.

This person is a predator of otherworldly proportions. She is dangerous and relentless. She should not be allowed around any children for the rest of her life.

Including the one she just gave birth to. 


Due to her having a baby recently, Marka won’t go to jail until next year.

Im sorry but are we granting maternity leave to child sexual predators now?

Are the Mothers in America ok with this?


To make matters worse, she’s only gotten a sentence of 60 days for her deranged, predatory, psychotic, manic and sexually disturbed and abusive behavior.


60 days!

Im not ok with it.

If you’re not either please sign.

I will be doing the leg work to find out who I have to give it to to get a retrial or appeal for the defendant in the case.  

We can not let this go!!!

Thank You

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Signatures: 68Next Goal: 100
Support now