Stop the dansby children from being removed from their school at Ashmore State School

Stop the dansby children from being removed from their school at Ashmore State School

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Michelle dansby started this petition to Child Safety and

5th December 2019

The Department’s expectation of another psychiatric assessment suggest I am unstable but fails to recognise I am naturally traumatized by their monitoring of my family and removal of my children and here are some examples ..

Since the year 2008 my concerns as the worried parent have being ignored,  vilified and not rectified

1. The abuse (including sexual, physical and psychological) that my children suffered while in the Department’s ‘care’  continues to be swept under the carpet, for over 10 years to date. Most recently, on 16th October 2019, the new office of Labrador child protection not only ignored a serious risk when  one of my children (in their ‘care’) was seizuring, overdosing and close to death but she had also been missing for 4 days at a time.  Not once did the Department notify me! The seriousness of risk to my daughter’s life was already evident when on the 12th July 2019, (in ‘care’) she was found unconscious and hyper thermic  on Surfers Paradise Beach, Is there any wonder I am hypervigilant and gravely concerned around my children,s safety and well-being while in ‘care’? My commitment to my children, their safety, health and wellbeing has never been acknowledged by the Department nor has our relationship been respectfully facilitated while in  ‘care’; I am the sole significant protective person in my children’s lives, multiple foster carers and high turn overś of Child Safety Officers are no substitute for my consistent loving parenting. Examples include..

2. My children were removed abruptly from me  to a location not easily accessible to me, my personal experience is  that once this accommodation is established the Department slowly decreases my contact on the basis that it is too far for the child to travel to see.. ,  Right now this process is being fast tracked with my youngest two children through change of school (this means they will no longer have positive daily connection with their siblings, established  friends teachers and other support people. 


3. The Department continues to deny me the opportunity to not only be part of my children’s lives through speaking to or knowing who their carers but also by being restricted from access to photos, concerts,  report cards and general communication about their well-being 

4. This process of parental alienation has occurred to all of my children

5. Multiple workers, approximately 100 since 2000, have replaced each other as Child Safety Officers involved with my children -  so neither myself nor my children can rely on a long term reliable relationship. Case worker overload was also was being investigated, yet again, by the ombudsman just as my  children were removed, on 10th July 2019 without explanation. The Department has provided no response as to why as I and my children were treated so poorly, feedback was through Evolve  of Southport through evidence from a network of organisations . I was denied the option to speak on my behalf, be present when discussing matters relating to my parenting and my family or have clarification ).Extremely high staff turn over and having to work with multiple offices  has left me desperately trying to focus and function with no one to turn to and no one to trust within the Department New staff means re-telling my family’s complex history again and again, and more months and years pass as staff become familiar with my children’s needs; including around disability supports.

6. The Department has not made my or my family’s access to resources readily available as part of my plan to strive and succeed as a successful parent.For over 6 years I managed to deal with the crisis of trying to gain reunification, the Department seemed more intent on monitoring me and discouraging this (see B)

7.  One of my daughters, Katelyn, who has a  disability, had to p grotest to access any form of respite and no NDIS had been approved as an urgent request by the Department even though I had been requesting support through Commonwealth respite care, families, friends, and also NGO advocates had requested this. ,  The Department failed to acknowledge that I had already attended one meeting with NDIS, while working at the time, I have a witness, but the meeting held was classified as non-existent (why?) further delaying the support that my daughter and I needed.

The current CSO man was assigned to work with with Keegan and Katelyn, for the past 2 years??, has never met them face to face.

8. Since the year 2008, when my 4  of my children were removed, due to violence perpetrated against me by one of their fathers only I had left the man 3 rears prior to the removal yet it was used¨ the Department  questioned my IQ rather than address my concerns for my children’s suffering and subject to extreme harm in ‘care and re exposure’ Since being placed in ‘care’ 3 of my children  have attempted suicide and 2 reported sexual abuse. I worked with professional social workers and a Community Legal Centre and still the Department ignored my concerns for children’s well-being

9. Department staff have recently accused me of being "unstable" however, I am a mother committed to her children, accessing professional support to assist me to re-unify our family,  and worried for their safety and security

Kind Regards 

Ms Michelle Dansby




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