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Petitioning ICPC Specialist (G-O (Adoption, Parent, Foster)) 7172143460 Sharyn Lukens

Child Protective services, State Representatives: Please allow the placement of 3 children to remain with their grandmother.

Three children whom must remain unnamed, have been placed temporarily with the paternal grandmother since May of 2012. She is currently in the process of legally adopting said children. However the state is saying that due to a felony that was committed by her husband almost 20 years ago will prevent this from going through, as well as attempting to remove the children from their new home and place them in a foster care. Her husband has even stated that he would move out and put his life on hold for the welfare of the children. This so far has not been an acceptable compromise for the state. They have come so far emotionally, psychologically, physically, as well as huge steps in their education. To remove them from their current and natural family would be destructive to their development as well as devastating to their cousin who has lived with their grandmother since birth and whom since their placement has become like a sibling.

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ICPC Specialist (G-O (Adoption, Parent, Foster)) 7172143460 Sharyn Lukens
Please allow the placement of 3 children to remain with their natural grandmother.