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Child Protective Services San Bernardino/Children Family Services/Eleanore Garces: To drop the case of Ivy and Gregory Acree

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Child Protective Services has one job: To protect children who are being abused and neglected and to promote their well being. However, there are times when they cross the line. It has become a time where taking your children to the hospital for an injury could cause your family to be torn apart. They are allowed to make claims against the parents without any evidence or reference checks and the court will find them true unless you have the ability to prove them wrong.

My husband and I have been suffering through the loss of our children to the system because we sought medical attention for our son after my husband fell down the stairs while holding our son to prepare a bottle at 3am. I happened to be out of town when then incident occurred and when told by my husband on 9/8/12 that he was going to take our son to the hospital I rushed to the hospital to meet him there. We found he had a spiral fracture and would need to be in a harness to keep his leg at the right angle to heal properly. After being at the hospital for several hours, I come home to get some rest before I returned later on that day.

CPS worker Eleanore Garces called me once and knocked on my door. In her report statement, she tried several times to get in touch with me and offer services for our family so that the kids were not taken. This is all false. My husband and I were not offered any services. They proceeded to take our children and place them out of home. We went to court a few days later to try to get our children back.

Since the criminal investigation was still pending, we were unable to obtain our kids that day. I was threatened by the worker Eleanore Garces. She told me I wasn't allowed to speak to my husband, he was a horrible father and if I associated with him I would never see my children again. Our CPS worker has been all but kind and professional in our case. Every report she has made is different than the previous one, she can't get our names correct, she has made up parts of her report and since she is not required to record anything or have a witness verifying her story the court automatically believes her lies. When the criminal investigation was dropped because the evidence pointed to accidental injury, she has decided to change her claim on why my sons injury is cause of neglect. My husband is only allowed to see his children once a week in an office visit for one hour. It has been very hard because our oldest is really feeling the effects of not having her family together. Please help us put a stop to the destruction of our family.

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