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CPS needs a reform, they cause undo hardships

I am here today to try to make a change. My son passed away in November of 2011. Child protective felt the need to lie and remove my other child to protect her from being harmed. There was no dangers in my home, they passed my child around from house to house with out court orders and on the day my mother tried to get a temporary custody order they filed a neglect petition, and removed my childl. They have caused me mental hardship, I have problems trusting people, I can no longer fall asleep. This has caused my family and my boyfriends family to dis agree and no longer talk from the lies that child protective spread throughout the families. They say its all in the best intrest of the children when they are mentally damaging the children from the beginning. They say for a child to come home they need to be transitioned back home, then why are they not transitioned when they are ripped away. They have charged me and my boyfriend with neglect, with no findings, they were waiting on a autopsy that came back undertermined meaning we did nothing to our son to cause his passing. Cps has not apologized and still feels there right. They have filed forms that are un true that state my son was found in blood face down, this was brought up in another family court case, this is un true and now Iam face loosing more kids, I have many friends that cps has torn there life apart with no proof to it. I see many parents like myself going through a living hell because of the mis use of CPS. We need to take action and put CPS back where they belong, stop with all the lies and harrassment. We need CPS to help keep families together and healthy not torn apart fighting to see your kids for a few hours a week while the department thinks of ways to remove your rights. You ask for a phone call and they do not call you back but will tell the judge that you are un cooperative. You ask for services but they wont help but then tell the judge you refused services. Will you sign my petition to ask CPS to get themselves in check and stop tearing good families apart while the ones that need there help donot get it? It's time we do something to stop these people. I thank you and I am sorry if your a parent like me who has done nothing more than love your children and you get thrown through the mud in a court room and made to look as if you are a unfit parent. We all need someone on our side I want to be the first to stand up and say enough is enough.

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