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Child Protective Services and Judge Lee Bowles Do NOT let Landyn continue to be hurt!

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I am Landyn's maternal grandmother.  I fear for his safety and this petition is to plead with the people set in place to hlp children to do their job and STOP the abuse!! Landyn (age 5) and his half brother (age 3) were found walking on I-65 in the early evening of Nov 28, 2013. They had left a home they were visiting and walked a good distance through woods only to end up on the interstate and witness a dog they had with them hit and killed. They were cold, dirty scared and lost!!! These children were in no way dressed to be out in cold damp weather either!! When the parents were located they told police they were searching on 4 wheeler trails for them. Police report states there was a distinct odor of alcohol on the father's breath. Cornersville Police Dept removed Landyn that evening and placed him with his mother (Landyn's mother and father have joint custody) His father and girlfriend were charged with Child Neglect and have a court date of Dec 17, 2013 Landyn's mother has been unsuccessful in getting CPS or the courts to award her emergency full custody until her case can be heard in a few weeks. Landyn broke his leg last summer while riding a dirt bike on a road unsupervised and walked home in tears and in pain after the accident. His father delayed treatment because he thought Landyn was just "being a baby" as he told him. Landyn has been reported to be playing on railroad tracks unsupervised, on side roads unsupervised, in a house with all adult occupants under drug or alcohol influence and in a house with bugs, rodents and dirty. The father's girlfriend has also been accused of biting Landyn approx. a year ago, COMPLETE with statements from Landyn and a DR!! These issues were ignored by CPS. CPS investigates these claims and just keeps turning a blind eye. This petition is to show CPS and the judge that we a whole are tired of CPS not having the health and well being of the child FIRST AND FOREMOST as their GOAL! The custody issue was already in the court for Landyn's father not getting him to school on time (if at all) and failing to abide by the custody order. A custody hearing date was set for January 6, 2014. Landyn's safety requires immediate action rather than waiting until January! Even after Landyn had been found and while police investigated the issue, A friend of the family told him that it was "all his fault" him and his brother got lost. Landyn is just 5 years old. He needs our help. Please help us help Landyn. All police reports and further information can be provided if needed

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