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Change how the Child Maintenance Service assess self employed non resident parents

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When it comes to the Child Maintenance Service they seem to have covered most areas to stop Non Resident Parents from trying to under declare what they earn in an attempt to not pay what they should. There is one area that seems to have been left open for those who want to avoid paying what they should for their Child, and this is by being self employed.

When it comes to this, the Child Maintenance Service take what the Non Resident Parent declares is their earnings and does not look any further.

When the Resident Parent then appeals the decision knowing that they have been lied to, the Child Maintenance Service have their hands tied. They can even sit there and say that "Yeah, leaving a job paying £28,000 to start a business and only take home £8,000 a year does not seem right". And even when you then dig deeper they can also see that they may have not got all the correct figures, but yet with the current way it is worked out, the Resident Parent has to collect the evidence and try to prove the fact that they already know that the figures don't add up.

I propose that there needs to be change to stop all the Non Resident Parents who feel that they have to lie to not pay what they should, because they want to not give money to their ex, actually pay what is fair for their child who is losing out.

Now I know there are a lot of honest Non Resident Parents out there who play by the rules, so this will not affect them, but for those who play the system this needs to stop.

The Child Maintenance Service need to find a better way to assess their total earnings not just what is declared, be this by looking at the full accounts of the business and the bank accounts associated with the Non Resident Parent or some other way, there needs to be change for the sake of the Children involved.

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