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I have started this petition to highlight the failings of these child in need teams to treat parents equally and their failure to help parents co-parent effectively.


My child is subject to a court order for shared residence/shared parental responsibility and in April 2013 I was contacted by a social worker from the child in need team and asked to meet with him and contribute to a core assessment that he was writing to help identify what future support my child required. I duly attended the meeting and gave the requested information and I was informed a copy of the assessment would be sent to me (as previous assessments had been). However a copy was sent to my child`s father but not to me. I wrote several letters to this social worker asking for a copy of the final core assessment but my letters were not acknowledged and in July 2013 I made a formal complaint.


I received a letter dated 17th august 2013 informing me that copies of the core assessment are usually sent to both parents, however a decision was made to withhold it from me.


I responded that I was unhappy with the outcome as I had contributed to the assessment and have just as much right to a copy of it as my child`s other parent. I wanted to know what, if any recommendations had been made, why the assessment was withheld from me and I wanted the decision reversed.


On 3rd September 2013 I received another letter inviting me to meet face to face with the team manager in order to resolve the remaining issues. I duly attended on the arranged date but she did not turn up. I was then informed by a customer service assistant that I would receive a written response by 22nd October 2013 but no response was sent.


I was then promised a response at the beginning of December 2013 but no response was sent.


I then sent an email to customer services on the 16th December asking what was causing the latest delay and on the 17th I received an email from a customer feedback assistant informing me that she had chased the relevant managers, made it clear that my complaint has been outstanding since July and would make me aware as soon as she had a response. 


I have not heard from her since and on the 10th January 2014 I sent another email asking how much longer do I have to wait and asking to move on to the next step of the complaints procedure.....I am still waiting for a response on 15th January 2014.




I was with my ex husband for 25 years, my life revolved around my husband, children and home and anyone who knows me from back then will tell you the same........... All three of our children have described their father as a softie, a push over and he was too, he still is. When we were married he worked 24/7 and I worked part time so he left me to set and maintain age appropriate limits/boundaries. Trouble was whenever our children didn`t like something I said or asked them to do, like tidy up the mess they had made, they would confide in their father and he would take their side which obviously undermined my parental authority and caused conflict between me and him culminating in separation and then divorce.


There was no co-parenting during our marriage or during our divorce he continued to side with our children and they with him. Our eldest two children supported his application for full residence of our youngest in March 2008. Obviously my ex had some influence on their decision to support his application for full residence of our youngest as he was their `best friend` and they were still financially dependent on him at the time even though they were both over eighteen at the time. By the time the court ordered shared residence/shared parental responsibility, our youngest had got used to having her own way while living with her father and refused to abide by the age appropriate limits and boundaries I tried to re-establish, refused to live with me or even have contact with me at times.


Enter children`s services....I have never received any help from them although I have asked for it many times, in fact I have often felt like I`m banging my head on the wall! They have never taken the time to understand the primary cause of the problem and never done anything at all to help myself and my ex form an effective co-parenting relationship. To be honest they have often made matters much worse by accommodating my daughter`s wishes rather than acting in her best interests.


I haven`t been present at any of my children`s important life events or at Christmas, new year and birthdays for seven years but I have been called upon in times of crisis many times by my ex and by social services in regards to our youngest.


Our youngest will be seventeen this year and I have re-established contact with her. She is at college and plans to go to university. It`s too late for my family but I know people who are being alienated from their children right now and need the proper help and support from children`s services. Please help to force children`s services everywhere to deal with this massive problem for children everywhere.





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