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Child Custody Gone a Disable Veteran

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To our single parents and families who have lost their children from the US Courts because of your jobs either as a police officer, fireman, military person or in my case, disabled Vet/Government civilian; Why? Because we protect our cities, states and country, then the courts penalize us because we are temporarily distance/time from our children in order to provide for them.

It has taken me nearly 3 years to write this story due to denial of accepting the true that our courts and attorneys are extremely bias; so, the best of my abilities I will make my story short. I deployed overseas in 2014, I had a notarized letter of an agreement from my child’s mother that she would take care of our child during my deployment. I also spoke with my Attorney as well before my departure and she informed me that everything was good to go. After 6 months relocating overseas, I returned home to the (USA) "on leave", once my arrival, I was served with a court order stating that I had abandoned my child. After hiring an Attorney, I went to court. The Judge then stole my child, the Lawyer used my medical disabilities against me, the mother had CPS charges filed against her, needless to say I lost my child, I later then hired 4 other Attorneys to fight for my civil rights.

My request to our new President, Commander in Chief, and Congress. I ask of you to immediately stop our laws which allows Judges from removing our children from their primary custody parent's while deployed on government official orders, out to sea and other jobs that temporarily distance us from our children. The Texas swamp (Courts/Boards) must be drain of corruptions to include exterior cities within every military base in the US; exterior cities next to our military bases are imbedded with cesspools of Fake Judges and Lawyers who are here to take advantages of our military/government workers and not give back.  

I've never ask anything from my country, I have always given 100% of my heart and soul to protected our country and continue so. Today, I ask our leaders to protect me and other parent's while we defend this great country. We cannot fight two separate Wars, on the battle field and on then our home-front; Many Americans wonder why military and government folks return home from combat zones with PTSD.  Many stressors are generated from our bias court systems to include Judges and Lawyers that file citations while we are deployed, and then attack us once we return home. We spend in Lawyer fees and court fees from $2K thru $50K fighting for our children when we actually done nothing wrong, just following our Commander in Chief Orders.

Let me add salt to the injury, my Former Wife Attorney baby sits my little girl, the Attorney picks her up from the daycare. Yes, the district court Judges, The Board of Disciplinary Appeals and Texas Board is aware of this Attorney’s behavior and relationship with my daughter because I have provided each of them with videos, documents, letters, perjury files, violations of rule 11 in Texas, violations of Texas penal codes and Texas Standing Order (no disruption of children).

Justice is returning my daughter back to her father who continues to provide life support such as health care, dental care, life insurance, instill the body of God in her life, and all other financial expense.
1. Stop the harassments from Attorneys from Bell & Travis County
2. Stop the Racist and hate crime from Judges because of my skin color and military disabilities.

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