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Child Chocolate Bar Act (CCBA)

Everyone ... this is so important! Children from Bakino Faso, Nigeria, Ganana, and mainly Mali are stolen every year. Traffickers trick the children into a life of pain and hard labor when the trafficker tells the child that more money than the child could possibly imagine could be made at cocoa plantations. I believe that this simple solution can be used to stop the slavery in the Ivory Coast.  Have the futures market for chocolate require a provinance for all chocolate telling its source  and where itcomes from.  All the companies who buy from the plantation will have to stop buying from the plantation before they are allowed to sell their product again in the U.S.  Only then can we all  eat chocolate bars and feel glad that while we are happy, that we are not making someone else's lives worse than our own life.  My statement is "Let's ban child chocolate slavery".

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