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We want to  share our concerns for starting In-person visits from licensing program analysts'( LPA)  starting from spring 2021 in our licensed child care facilities. We ask to continue with virtual visits and hold off all in- person visits till end of 2021.

During this pandemic, licensed child care programs are considered essential and child care workforce has risked there lives everyday to make sure other essential workers can be at work. If we don't open our programs daily for our parents like doctors, grocery store workers and other critical workforce, they won't be able to be at work. Since March 2020, we have worked extra hours to keep our program, staff, and families safe of this deadly virus. Now, with the LPA  In- person visits we feel the risk is extremely high for a mass transmission of Covid-19.

Some of our concerns are:

1. We are still in a pandemic, little has changed since last March except that some of us have started the process of getting vaccinated. Some child care providers as well as LPA's choose not to be vaccinated which increases the risk for them to be a carrier of covid.

2. Some of us have been open since March 2020 and we have been following all CCL, CDPH and CDC protocols for running a safe childcare facility. Most of us have not closed for a day and allowing an LPA into our program might compromise our program and our families.

3. We have not had anyone come through our home since March 2020, except children. All our pick-up and drop-off are at the door and we are doing virtual interviews. An LPA will visit a few childcares and that is very unsafe for our program.

4.Some providers have not met family and friends during this time to maintain the social bubble and LPA visiting a few childcare will break that protocol. 

5. It is too early for LPA visits as they can be a carrier. If they get exposed during their visit to one of program and then go to another program not only our personal families but also our childcare children and there families are at risk of getting the Covid. Then inn this situation, we would have to shut down for 14 days. We would be likely to lose many of our childcare families and this will place us in  an unnecessary economic and emotional hardship. Which is not fair on providers trying to keep their business running to make a living.

6. Food programs are doing all virtual visits at this time and  they are holding off their in -person visits until fall 2021. We propose Community Care Licensing do the same for the safety of all.

7. LPA visits will violate our personal rights and personal rights of our families and kids in the midst of this pandemic.

8. To support our point we have attaching a link by Cal matters about  12,000 cases of Covid in Childcare in California.

We strongly feel and request that if we can hold off the in-person visits till later this year, might be a little safer for us and our childcare families. I hope that you consider continuing to do virtual visits until then for our annual inspections. Even with cases going down, many offices are continuing to stay virtual for the safety of all. If our program do not have a complaint, we respectfully request that LPA's communicate with us virtually/not in-person that way we too can protect the safety of all.