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Parents battle for over a year for the return of their children from CYPS

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We need 10,000 signatures to help a family bring their children home. Taken by Child and Youth Protection services in an emergency fashion without a permit and no legitimate reason.

This family has experienced a tragic loss when their children were forcibly taken from their parents who were threatened by snipers and ACT emergency response. Children were crying and one boy hid in a suitcase for 2 hours so he would not be taken off his parents.

The mother has been struggling with accepting that her children are growing away from her. "Every day, I wake up and go to their rooms, I buy more toys and clothes awaiting their return.. this is the only way I feel close to them."

"The way it was done, it was just not humane," neighbor who witnessed how the children were taken said. "I don't care what anyone says, I was there. Those kids were dragged away."

Parents have been fighting for over a year to get their children returned. Mother says " Being away from my children has been by far the hardest thing I have ever been through, but I remain patient.."with the help of the community we can show the authorities that the we do not accept the removal of children from their families without proper conduct and procedures to be followed.

Child and Youth Protection Services also wanted to take another child born to the couple this year, from the hospital, on the day the child was born. The infant did go into interim care for a short period with the mother allowed breastfeeding visits.

A magistrate later dismissed the application from the director-general of the Community Services Directorate for the youngest child to remain in interim care but that decision was appealed by the director-general. The youngest child remains in the care of her parents. This proves that they are capable of looking after their children, this also shows that authorities are dragging the case to cover misconduct and unfair treatment. 

Parents have evidence against the CYPS proving that children were taken without court decision in an emergency response with no justifications. 

This is believed to be a racist and targeted attack on the family based on their ethnicity and religion as recording obtained by the parents show. 

This case has been pushed to the side and neglected by the court and authorities, the parents only hope is this petition that will help influence the speed of the case and the neglect by those in power. 

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The parents can not be named to protect the identity of their children.


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