Referral Cases For Reporting Child Abuse Via Anonymously Abuse and Harassment.

Referral Cases For Reporting Child Abuse Via Anonymously Abuse and Harassment.

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Joe Peters started this petition to Prime Minister (10 Downing Street, London) and

I have endured and my whole family over the past two years, been subjected to no less than 20 allegations made by my neighbour that  we had disputes over boundary walls and parking, to a point the harassment was that bad, I had a serious mental health breakdown due to the involvement of false Malicious Referrals.

Malicious Referals and Breaching Article 8 (Human Rights Act) Is NOT being taken seriously enough, My children are interviewed and these cases are closed as malicious, unfounded and utter nonsense.

After the latest round of allegations all made anonymously by this sick and twisted individual and harassing us with other methods, then resulted in CCTV being put up and finally caught her harassment on cctv, she is in her 50s and served with an ASBO! 

Only after two years of hell and Police allowing it to continue.

We were forced to relocate over the constant harassment of this Borough Council Social Services, so we decided to move to new area, however, this individual has found out our new address and continues to make outrageous claims of child abuse and neglect. Our health visitors are furious that say it’s a system that takes away social services from investigating real child abuse claims. (every referral maliciously made cost approx £25 per hour to deal with) wasting tax payers money and real abusers not being identified.

Every single phone call made anonymously or online has to be followed up regardless and parents are being harassed by the individual(s) causing more harm to our children interviewing them constantly and causing our children to be confused why this is happening to them.

The person making these false allegations are using and abusing the system to harass our home life and invade our children’s lives by being intrusive. (Our children are frustrated with Social Services), that they tell them to go away and leave our mum and dad alone. 

This Petition is for big changes to STOP these annoymous malicious unfounded referrals to be closed down and not investigated and a new law introduced to replace people wasting resources of social services and tax payers money that comes from your council tax bill.  

My Partner is currently just over 6 months pregnant and in hospital due to the stress, that BRIDGEND M.A.S.H team and Social Services has caused her to go into labour and the baby has very little chance surviving if born, Frankie, has been rushed to hospital 22miles away from us and NICU are now on stand by, they are fighting to keep the baby inside mum. (it’s unlikely that will happen and the stress of these malicious calls has caused undue stress and alarm) Our baby may die because of Social Services of Bridgend and  ignorance of MASH Team that bullies good parents. 

This change will ensure that guidelines are met and is in 5 parts below.

New Law Petition 

Part 1. Callers must identify themselves if its a real concern of child abuse or concern of safe guarding children.

Part 2. A written statement backing up there reasons why they are contacting social services over a referral and this will weed out malicious referrals and also back up genuine callers.

Part 3. That if a statement is made, social services immediately then act on it with. core assessment to find out if there is any truth in the said allegations,

Part 4. If the statement of referral is made and found out to be malicious, false or otherwise to cause distress and alarm to families that this statement is passed to the parent(s) under review of safe guarding, so that parents of false allegations can then bring libel cases against the person(s) making the claims.

Part 5. That if the allegations are looking to be malicious that local authorities have the power to claim against individual for costs of investigating unfounded allegations.


Reasons Why Change is Urgently Needed 

We need the law to change for several reasons, to stop people abusing local authority powers and allow the investigating of genuine referrals and prevent taxpayers money being wasted.

To stop malicious individuals from repeatedly making allegations to harass their victims, remember it’s not just about the parents here that just suffers, it’s the children too, being constantly being interviewed causing them to get frustrated and upset of social services in their lives.

Furthermore and the most important thing is to allow social services to concentrate on real cases and referrals made by genuinely concerned members of public and why would you not put your name to it if you had a real concern, i certainly would.

Its cases of false allegations that tie up social services work load by investigating all these cases and new law needs changing to stop local authorities harassing and victimising good parents and invading our children’s lives.

Social Services and local authorities refuse to release actually how many cases are closed due to be malicious, A social worker I know has stated that for every 10 cases that are made anonymously by phone, online or letter 9 are closed as unfounded and malicious. 

The system is failing our abused children, false referrals about your  children is then shared with there schools, health visitors. hospitals, police and other agencies then labelling good parents as bad parents. 

There  needs to be a line that is not crossed and this Petition is a way of stopping sick individuals from harassing people as they don’t like them by attacking there family life over parking and disputes. 

Allow this to change sign this Petition, as cases like baby P and others are being lost in system as local authorities are investigating malicious allegations.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!