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Let's Make Australia Child Safe!

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"I never thought it could happen to me..."
"I never thought it could happen to one of my children..."
"I trusted them and they betrayed my trust. I have never felt so broken in all my life."

These are the words I hear from parents and carers. These are the phrases I hear far too often, both through my work with child harm prevention charity ChildSafe Australia and my personal friends and family, who have experienced the devastating effects of child abuse. 

Every time people share their harrowing stories it absolutely breaks my heart. This is for many reasons, but among them is the painful reminder of my own personal experiences.

2,402 cases have been referred to authorities (to date) by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.[1] According to an Australian study of children under 15 years, almost 90% of sexual abuse was perpetrated by offenders known to the child in some capacity.[2]

 In light of the Royal Commission, it is easy to assume this is just an old problem. This couldn't be further from the truth. There were 60,989 substantiated cases of domestic and organisational child abuse and neglect in Australia in 2015-2016[3]. This represents a 25.9% rise since 2011-2012.

This is ridiculously scary.

Child abuse is a NOW problem and the lifelong effects for abused children keeps me up at night. I need to drive more action and awareness, even more so now I have children and cannot bear the thought of anything happening to them.

Australian institutions have a history of negligence. We all have a responsibility to take action and ensure the institutions responsible for children are equipped and empowered to eradicate child abuse.

Please help me make our institutions change their policies.

Let's remind the schools, sports clubs, youth groups, churches, businesses and anyone who we entrust with our children just how valuable and INNOCENT they are. Let's petition the government to make it MANDATORY that all children are free to play, learn and grow free from harm, through the implementation of child protection initiatives.

Let's FORCE them to make the places our children cherish as safe as they can possibly be.

Please sign to support this movement so no one has to experience what many children have had to endure.

when you sign this petition you are saying you:

Want all organisations working with children to take child safety seriously and to put in place the child safety standards that an organisation working with children is meant to have in place to protect children. This includes child safe policies and procedures.

I dream of a day when mine and others children can go to an organisation and we know that organisation is protecting our children with the same determination that we have. That we can feel confident of leaving our children in their care.

I need your help!

Thank you enormously,

Neil Milton

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