"Provide drinking water in Eravankara, Thazhakara Panchayat"

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We, residents of Eravankara, which falls under Thazhakkara Panachayat in Mavelikara in Alappuzha District, are facing severe shortage of water for the last six months.  We are regularly paying water charges but a section of water authorities are not releasing water to our locality despite several petitions and complaints from residents.

More than 1000 residents including senior citizens and children are suffering because of the lack of water supply.  Earlier, we used to get water at least once in two days. Later, water authorities reduced the water supply to once in a week. Now, there is no water in our pipelines for the last six months.

The reason: A section of  panchayat & Kerala Water Authority officials are closing the valves of our pipelines and diverting drinking water to other places where 'influential' people resides. The authorities, who are blaming poor monsoon, don't have any answer why water is not provided in our area through pipe lines for continuous last six months. They don't have any answers on how piped water is supplied to the neighbouring places without any interruptions? Will they compensate the loss of residents who are calling private water tanker lorries for their basic needs? Will they reimburse the amount paid by the residents as water fee  to the Kerala Water Authority? Will they take action against officials who were denying water for the residents despite several complaints? Will they disclose the total litres of drinking water supplied to this locality in the last six months?

We are dependent only on panchayat water pipe connections as our wells are also dry. We don't have money to drill bore wells to get water. A senior water authority officials reportedly decided not to release water to these areas after residents staged a protest against poor supply of water in front of Panchayat office.

Faced with the double whammy of monsoon failure and civic apathy, residents are now forced to buy water from private tankers. Residents are shelling out Rs. 2,500 per tanker containing 12,000 litres of water.

There are also several complaints that private tanker mafia is also putting pressure on Panchayat and water board authorities not to release water and some people suspect that our water is being diverted to commercial purposes. 

The state government should interfere into this issue and ensure uninterrupted piped water supply on a war footing. So, PLS HELP.

Kindly please  sign this petition and support our cause. 


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