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Blackpool & Fylde Neighbourhood Watch and it's wider neighbourhood watch partners are fiercely campaigning to save Lancashire's Police Helicopter - please show YOUR support by signing this petition.......

Austerity measures are affecting communities and individuals in lots of different ways, but there is a very serious 'cut' yet to be realised.  This cut will put us all at risk of increased crime and harm - that is the proposal to remove Lancashire's Police Helicopter, forcing us to share ONE helicopter across the whole of the North West region.  This is a cut too far! 

There are currently circa 1.45million people in Lancashire who have access to one Police helicopter - the proposed cut will mean that ONE Police helicopter will be shared with 7.5million (+) people across the North West.  There are 4 Police helicopters across the London boroughs for circa 8.6million people.  The maths matter, but our lives matter more - don't sit back and let this cut happen without having your voice heard.

The austere times in which we find ourselves have already seen an increase in crime figures across the UK - resources should be deployed proactively where possible to reduce crime and to keep us, our loved ones and our belongings safe in our homes, on our streets and in our work places.

Removing the Lancashire Police helicopter will put an unnecessary strain on already strained emergency services and will be counter-productive in terms of proposed financial savings.  We need to use the depleted budget wisely and proactively to preserve this valuable resource and keep Lancashire safe!

(NPAS ) National Police Air Service, like many organisations are feeling the pull of reduced budgets and governmental cuts but we need them to represent the people of Lancashire and to campaign to the Government for a more equal and fair share of budget resources which would allow the Lancashire Police Helicopter to remain funded and in use for the residents of Lancashire who pay their taxes just like the citizens of London Boroughs 

Every single person in the Lancashire will be affected directly or indirectly, either as a victim of crime, a loved one, or as someone whose insurance has increased significantly because of an increase in crime and insurance claims.  This will also have an impact on other North West citizens as they share their valuable Police Helicopter with a further 1.45million people.  Don't become a statistic - stand up and be counted - campaign to protect and save our Lancashire Police Helicopter!

Please support Blackpool & Fylde Neighbourhood Watch's campaign,  sign this petition today and make your voice heard - Lancashire's Police Helicopter is needed and must stay fully operational!  KEEP OUR POLICE HELICOPTER!  


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