Bangalore Karaga-Another Tablighi in making-Karnataka govt. should withdraw permission.

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The Karnataka govt has allowed the karaga on 8th under the guise of only 5 people being allowed . A old Bangalorean knows the fervour of belief amongst the Thigalas. There is no way, one will not have 100’s if not 1000’s when that karaga steps out from the temple . I hope the bureaucracy acts . There is a potential Tablighi Markaz in the making here under our own eyes. The lockdown and the miseries every citizen has accepted as a gratitude to the society goes in vain.

Want 100% lockdown in state for next 10 days: BSY. But gives permission that might lead to disaster. Social distancing? 

This is a stupid and highly irresponsible decision of the government that should be withdrawn immediately