Fix to drain water logging on road - Rachenahalli Lake Road

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The Aim of this petition is to find a resolution to the Drain-water logging in and around Rachenahalli lake road.

Blocked drain pipes is the primary cause of the problem and this has caused a lot of inconvenience to the residents and commuter and it seems to have started to spread even more and when the water eventually dries up, a lot residue is left back and can be seen at the corners of the road. This has happened over a period of time because no action has been taken for more than a month now.

This could eventually end up in causing health issues to the people around the lake and also to those who visit the lake / park on daily basis. 

Water logging itself is a serious problem and Drainage water logging is even worse. Apart from the inconveniences that it causes, it also brings miseries along. During the rainy season, a lot of water-borne disease spreads. These diseases lead to epidemics and unfortunately proves fatal to humans.


Drain and rain water logging prevention, flooding conditions, Drainage pipe, catastrophic situation, Clean India.

Details on The issue

Rain water caused the drains to overflow and they get stagnated on the road because of damaged drain pipes or maybe the drain pipes are not functioning as they are supposed to. From what we have noticed we see that the Drain are blocked with garbage or other materials.

Hence eventually its going to become a breeding ground for many infectious insects and cause a lot of harm to everyone around. 

In addition to that, it would stop/reduce the number of people who visit our lake as it would be a lot of inconvenience. I have also noticed that street vendors are selling food around the lake where the drain water was once stagnated and the residue still remains. We have all age group of people who visit the part and eat there, it should not be harmful to them and as a citizen we need to take steps to fix the problem. 


Drain water logging around Rachenahalli lake road should be fixed ASAP before it causes harm to everyone living around the area. The only solution to this is, we as citizens need to take some steps to make sure our surroundings are clean. 

Bringing this change into action would not just fix the problem mentioned here but it would also be a motivation for other societies living around area that face similar problems.

Hence I request everyone to sign this petition to bring this change into action.