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Removal of Joseph Dweck from his position as Rabbi of S&P Ssphardi Community London

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Joseph Dweck , the senior Rabbi of the Sephardi community in London has given a lecture in May which was filled with shocking and offensive statements and ideas which go completely against the Torah and Jewish Values.

Many Rabbis from London and across the world including the chief Rabbi of Israel Harav Yitzchak Yosef, have expressed shock and sorrow upon learning what has occured and condemned it in the strongest possible terms.

The topic of the lecture was about homosexuality and Judaism. He talks about the greatness of this phenomena and describes how the Torah not only accepts but embraces it as well as denigrating Torah values on other issues. This is also an attack on the fundamentals of basic morality where every normal person recognises that man was designed to partner with a woman and no person has the right to interfere with the plan of their creator.

Here is a 46 point summary, written by a respectable member of the community in which he analysed from the recording of the lecture

1- The Torah is not meant to fit everyone,

2- Hashem gave general principles, not detailed laws,

3- Same sex relations have always existed and were acceptable throughout the whole human history,

4- They became abnormal only from the 1700s because of societal reasons,

5- Most relations had nothing to do with love until the Romantic period,

6- Death penalty in Torah does not mean death penalty; the Torah will never kill anyone for this aveira lest the whole audience could very well be put to death on the ground of chilul Shabbat,

7- Fondling does not fall into the scope of death penalty,

8- Torah prohibits intercourse; Torah does not discuss attraction, feeling, and disposition. Just the act is prohibited; anything else is not prohibited,

9- Same sex attraction is normal and whoever has never felt that way is not normal,

10- This aveira is no worse than any other,

11- Everybody sins including long bearded Rabbanim,

12- Everybody’s sexuality can be questioned,

13- Chachamim were wrong that Israel should not be חשוד על משכב זכור,

14- Same sex relations are not actually considered an intercourse/a union, it is just a physical interface, and thus not legally the same as a female/male re: התראה

15- Toeivo simply means something that is not welcomed, meant to be kept at a distance, same sex act is just not welcomed and should pushed out,

16- Toeivo does not mean it is an abomination to Hashem, because otherwise everybody in the room would be subject to be called a Toheiva because they might have been reluctant to go to a shyur at one point in their life,

17- Toeivo means drives that are off a bit, a little variant,

18- The act is prohibited but everything else that surrounds the act is completely our own construction,

19- It is no different than any other prohibition of the Torah,

20- We tolerate loads of prohibition worse than this, but we don’t tolerate because of societal reasons,

21- Lashon haRa is worse than homosexuality,

22- You cannot get a minyan in a synagogue and you cannot read in the Torah if you start scrutiny on people,

23- Same sex perspective is entirely societal, has nothing to do with Torah,

23- Except for the sexual act, anything else is not prohibited,

24- Same sex act is exactly the same driving a car on Shabbat,

25- Most of us are chayav mita, we transgress the 3 transgressions יהרג ואל יעבור very freely,

26- Everybody has dead body in their cupboards,

27- People started marrying for love only recently,

28- Frum people do not spend time with their wives in the way the Torah requires; it is as if they were eating pork,

29- Perhaps, two males passionately and deeply loving each other should be able to have sex together, perhaps… the Torah does not work for everybody and it is very sad,

30- A man or a woman can fall in genuine love with a man or a woman; it does mean sexual act is automatic.

31- Men have not been allowed to love other men, because we worry about the sexual act at the end of this relationship,


32- We have always been relegated to sex machines,

33- Yonatan fell in love with David, which man is comfortable saying he loves another man the same way as Yonatan with David?

34- What if I love another man? Is it not fathomable? Of course it is perfectly normal,

35- Stop with the nonsense, no matter how long the beard is and how long the coat is, everyone is sinning, they have their own sins that’s all,

36- What do you think? Religious do not assassinate character and embarrass people publicly and judge people unfavourably all the time? And destroy people’s businesses and careers?

37- Prophets only rebuke people about relationships and lack of love towards to Hashem because you do not love other people, but not for falling off and transgressing other mitsvot such as Tefilin, sha’atnez and rarely Shabbat,

38- Prophets about everybody’s transgressions, Rabbi not Rabbi, religious not religious, everyone is doing the same thing, they should not go up to the Torah,

39- You cannot find a chazzan,

40- Christianity and Islam are the best things that have happened to the world to date according to the Rambam,

41- The entire revolution of feminism and even homosexuality is our society a fantastic development for Humanity, the same way the Rambam says best things ever happened about Christianity and Islam,

42- This is good for society.

43- Same sex love should be cultivated and taught,

44- Children are missing out; we are starved for love,

45- If we do not hang our prejudices at the door, we will be on the out and Society will move forward,

46- Hashem is taking the world into love, that’s were the world is going.


This should clarify any doubts you may have had as to the legitimacy of the criticism of this man which has spread across the community and indeed the world.

After over three thousand three hundred years of Mesirut Nefesh (Giving one's life) for the continued transmission of the Torah from Sinai, which has ensured the continued existence of the Jewish people for over 2000 years in exile against all odds (which includes himself , of course) it is a Chillul Hashem of epic proportions for a Rabbi of a large Orthodox congregation to blatantly belittle not just the Torah but also the teachings of the great Rishonim, Acharonim and present day Chachamim.

The Sephardi world has never had in it's midst groups seeking to uproot the Torah from the Jewish People and that is what makes this Saga even more disturbing, particularly as he calls himself an "Orthodox Rabbi" which misleads his audience into thinking he is delivering genuine Torah lectures.

The purpose of this petition is to call on the London Beth Din, the Chief Rabbi and others in positions of responsibility to do all they can to peacefully get him removed from his position. The more signatures there are , the more pressure will be applied. This petition is an addition to the pressure already being levied by the honorable Rabbanim from across the world.

It is inconceivable that someone who belittles and mocks Torah to the extent that he does, be allowed to continue in such a prominent position of influence.

For the sake of the Sephardi Community and for the Sake of Am Yisrael, please sign this petition and forward to all your contacts. Every Signature counts. We are aiming for 10,000 signatures by the end of August.

Thank You very much for and with Hashem's help this saga will be over very soon.

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