Minister Nchemba and IGP Sirro Be Sent to ICC For Extra-Judicial Killings in Tanzania.

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Dear Citizens of the World, Dear ICC, Dear United Nations, Dear EU

Tanzania has had a lot of extra-judicial abductions and killings between 2016 and 2018 which are conducted by state security units and rogue units of the state. Most, if not all, abductions and killings have befallen on the innocent people who aired their opinions contrary to the WISHES of the Regional Commissioner for Dar es Salaam city, Mr. Paul Makonda and the incumbent president of Tanzania, Mr. John Magufuli. There is enormous fear of life among Tanzanians because the abducting and killing groups use state resources which is exacerbated by unwillingness of the police to produce investigation reports on all killings. All these have been documented recently by the former intelligence officer of Tanzania, Mr Evarist Chahali, the civil and human right societies such as LHRC, the various religious leaders and the various activists. Some of the killings and unlawfully acts are documented here: , , and

Under the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania, and the United Nations Human Rights Charter, all Tanzanians and foreigners have the right to live, to be protected and to be respected regardless of their religious, ethnic or political affiliations. Under the Tanzanian constitution, it is the police force which is entrusted with powers to protect lives under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Yet, under the current Minister for Home Affairs Mr. Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba and the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Simon Sirro, the state has failed to protect the lives of people let alone to investigate frequent abduction cases, killings and torture. Instead, they have turned into targeting people who call on them (police and Minister) to act and those who criticize the government. They invariably ignore all the constitutional provisions that state the rights to live, freedom of speech and press. Furthermore, in some cases they have been legitimizing extra-judicial abductions and killings which vindicate our claim that the state is behind all extra-judicial actions. For instance, in December 2016, seven (7) human bodies were found floating along the Ruvu River, 70 km from Dar es Salaam. The Minister for Home Affairs said that the bodies belonged to illegal immigrants. See here on his statement . He implied that the state had killed them without prosecuting them or sending them to their home countries. After all, the laws of Tanzania and international community do not approve killing illegal immigrants. Again, between July 2017 and March 2018, more than 50 people are believed to have been killed by police in the Rufiji and Kibiti districts in Tanzania for just being assumed to be anti-government. In what proves to be the truth that police is conducting extra-judicial killings, IGP Sirro denied all journalists the right in investigating or reporting anything in the said districts without  police permit. What are they hiding? Killings of innocent Muslims like in Rhohingya. See here on the disappearance of a journalist who was investigating the killings without police permit and . In another case, the police used live fire bullets in dispersing people who were demonstrating to the District Director for Kinondoni District in Dar es Salaam on 16th February 2018. Five people were shot including one university student who died from police bullet. See here for the killed student . Up to now, the police force has not prosecuted the policeman who killed the student let alone to produce an investigation report. Life goes on as if NOTHING has happened with the IGP and the Minister for Affairs enjoying salary for indiscriminate loss of lives.

It is the failure to protect the lives of Tanzanians and immigrants, unconstitutional justification of killings and conduct of extra-judicial killings that we call the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to prosecute the IGP of Tanzania, Mr Simon Sirro and the Minister for Home Affairs in ICC. The two figures cannot be prosecuted in Tanzania as they appear to be above the law for they control the police, criminal investigation and the public prosecutor office. Please act to save innocent lives in Tanzania from rampant extra-judicial abductions and killings.