Deregister the EFF

Deregister the EFF

7 September 2020
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Chief of the IEC Mr SY Mamabolo and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kenneth Brookes

Good Morning 

Currently in South Africa we see violence on a daily bases. A political party called the EFF or Economic freedom fighters has called for violence and destruction of a South African company that employs 89% black employees. 

Due to a hair care product that has been sold for years, they have decided to destroy and stop this company.

Under the IEC code of conduct that all registered political parties sign they have to adhere and follow these rules. 

The Electoral act of 2003 states section 3b

Any political party inciting violence or using language that incite violence can have there membership cancelled. 

The EFF has done just that. 

I am calling for the DE - Registration of the EFF under the IEC electoral act of 2003 evidence is attached 


Kenneth Brookes 

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Signatures: 112Next Goal: 200
Support now


  • Chief of the IEC Mr SY Mamabolo
  • Police minister Mr Bheki Cele