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Action needed to secure our local dog walking routes after a vicious dog on dog attack.

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Following a serious dog attack in our area of which the police and other animal welfare organisations have been informed, the local community has serious concerns about the lack of action which can be taken.

We believe that there needs to be a law enforced that all dogs with a history of aggressive behaviour need to be muzzled when walking in public and controlled on a short lead by their owners.

The law needs to be changed to accept that dog on dog attacks are just as serious and totally unacceptable and that the owners should be liable for any injuries inflicted and ensuing bills.

Walkers should feel safe when out exercising their dogs and consideration should be made that children also play in these areas and are therefore vulnerable to attack to by a dog which is not controlled.

To date it has been reported that an Aikita has attacked at least 9 dogs of which one is a Greyhound called Jet.  Jet is seriously ill at the vets where he has been receiving round the clock care since the attack.

The Aikita's owner, who despite warnings to keep his dog muzzled when out on walks, is ignoring these warnings and taking his Aikita out without a muzzle.  People in the area are now afraid to take their dogs out for fear this Aikita will attack their dogs. Under the Dangerous dogs Act, it is a criminal offence to have a dog which is dangerously out of control yet the police refuse to do anything because the Aikita has not bitten a child! 

Please sign this petition to get the police to prosecute the owner of this Aikita, to keep his dog muzzled and to pay all veterinary costs to Jets owner

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