Stop Hermitage Pennsylvania Police From Violating Civilian Civil Liberties

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I myself, and many others in the Hermitage and surrounding area have been placed in situations by patrolman Jonathan kudelko of the hermitage police department that have went against our constitutional rights as American citizens, and that have violated our civil liberties assigned by law to protect our rights.

He has acted out side of his jurisdiction on multiple incidents, and lied to justify his actions. He has came onto private property, with no request for him, or any other public servant to do so. He had even issued citations outside of his jurisdiction for traffic citations without notifying the police department of the jurisdiction he was in, and trespassing on civilian owned property without permission to be on said property to issue the citations. He has treated civilians completely horrendously, and unprofessional. He needs to be suspended pending an investigation on whether he is fit, and mentally sound to be a public servant. Several complaints have been attempted, without any result, now other means to stop the harassment need to be addressed.

One he needs to be relieved of duty, until a mental health evaluation can be done deciding if he is fit for duty. Two he needs to be suspended until he is investigated by the right departments to decide if he has acting in a way that goes against the way a public servant is expected to act towards citizens.

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