roads with out pot holes

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Dear Sir,

The roads in Hyderabad always get spoiled immediately once the rainy season starts. The driving on Hyderabad roads are becoming night mare. Also the roads connecting suburban ares with Main city are also not properly maintained. We are all very scrupulously paying taxes and paying heavily for diesel and petrol because of bad roads. State government taxes are high in Telangana compared to many other states in India. We have never objected for collecting higher taxes but we only want a good roads   so that we can drive comfortable and reach home safely. We see on roads lot of two wheeler drivers getting injured because of the pot holes which are not visible during rains. Lots of contractors work on roads and dig them but never restore them to normalcy even though it is part  of their work.


We request the Honorable Chief Minister of Telangana State to see that roads are properly built and ensure that there are no pot holes are there on roads. One such example is JNTU metro to Bachupalli. Till yesterday the road is property of GHMC, Nizampet and Bachupalli panchayat. Now bachupalli and Nizampet became single Municipality. Even then the road is worst because it was dug for laying water pipes and gas line.