To prevent the construction of a road through the western coast of Santubong

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Expected to start construction next year, it recently became known that there is a proposal to build a road on the western side of Santubong from the entrance of Camp Permai to Tg Salleh where an observation tower for the moon and some other buildings are planned to be built. The road is expected to be approximately 2km long and will cross through pristine forests on the border of Santubong National Park. 

There are 2 main issues and objections to this proposed road and that is:

1. The negative consequence of building the road is expected to be huge and devastating both ecologically and to the enjoyment of the area by the citizens of Kuching and visitors. The proposed road will cross at least 8 streams (including the Blue Pool) in an area that is hugely popular with local hikers and tourists for hiking and to see Proboscis Monkeys, Hornbills, Silvered Langurs and which is also home to the Clouded Leopard. Besides the construction of the road, the presence of the road provides easy access to illegal loggers and hunters while fragmenting what is currently a contiguous forest.

2. The unnecessary need to build structures in a wild area, when similar sites and structures already exist and lie abandoned on Santubong ,that not only destroy the ecology of the area but also utilises state funds that could go towards restoring and utilising existing buildings at a lesser cost or something else altogether.

Please sign this to put a stop to the unnecessary destruction and wastefulness.

There are numerous buildings and sites already available that the moon observations and education programs can be run on, including on Santubong, such as the abandoned Santubong Resort, Damai Puri Hotel and a site behind the Sultan of Bruneis house.

This petition will go to the Chief Minister and the head of Jabatan Agama Islam Sarawak as the key decision makers, asking them to find an alternative solution.