Charges by Students PG in North/south campus must be waived to 50% by owner to students.

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There are a large number of students studying in DU are from outside Delhi. Due to shortage of hostel accommodation vin DU students are forced to hire private PG rooms on sharing basis and pays monthly rent alongwith advance for two months. Due to COVID19 situation lockdown staying at their home town since first week of March 2020 and couldn't join as colleges are closed till further. PG charges includes room rent along with messing, electricity,water charges. I request your honour to instruct PG owner to waive at least 50% in PG rent as students didn't stayed in PG and didn't make use of any facility i.e. messing, electricity, water etc hence owner need not to pay hence not to be forced to paid by parents. Reasonable building rent is payable as luggage is kept. It will help a lot to parents who are fighting at economic front of family. Kindly help.