Save the Foreshores of Lake Burley Griffin

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The magnificent National Capital views across Lake Burley Griffin, past the National Museum and out towards the Brindabella Mountains are about to be destroyed. Moreover, lakeside land, which should be openly accessible to citizens and visitors alike, is about to be sold as private property, a practice which most of us thought had disappeared with the rise of citizen democracy over 50 years ago.

The ACT Government has approved a development which includes the erection of 6 - 8 story residences along the lake front in the West Basin area, between Commonwealth Bridge and New Acton. Indeed, the Government is spending $38 million of taxpayers' money to fill in part of the Lake so the strip of land is wide enough to sell to developers! 

When the Government opened this proposal for citizen input, it stipulated that the erection of 6 - 8 storey residences was non negotiable, thereby attempting to avoid community comment on the most contentious aspect of the plan.

The area to the left and right of Commonwealth Bridge forms a visually stunning, symbolic centre for the National Capital. Framing the Lake on either side, we have Regatta Point, the Fountain, the striking National Library and High Court and more civic buildings in the distance. On the other side, is the National Museum, parts of the Australian National University, with Red Hill and the Brindabellas forming a verdant backdrop. This magnificent view and a great planning achievement is about to become history, as rows of flats are built in the middle of a truly beautiful, carefully designed civic panorama.

Not only will one of Canberra’s best views be obliterated by blocks of flats and apartments but rows and rows of trees will be felled, public land will be privatised and taken from the people and serious and unnecessary traffic congestion on our main thoroughfare will be created.