Reopen Golf clubs, Karachi

Reopen Golf clubs, Karachi

May 4, 2020
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Started by Syed Ali

Corona Virus has effected the whole society. This disease introduced social distancing around the globe. Worldwide all governments and healthcare professionals have strongly recommended daily healthy activity. The most suited healthy activities is outdoors with proper social distancing. 

Golf is sport played in an open area where there is plenty of room to be socially distant. It much more safer than grocery store, and any medical store.

Walking and jogging activities on the street is the only option in absence of all parks closed as well. If the golf courses are open again with correct standard operating procedures it would provide a healthy option. Golf would be safer than exercising on the street. 

Following are some of the recommendations for Playing Golf during Covid-19: 

  •  All rakes and ball-retrievers to be removed
  •  Benches to be sanitized after each use not used at all. 
  •  Flag sticks can be retained but avoid touching
  •  Practice areas, including practice nets, to be closed unless safe sanitizing practices can be guaranteed
  •  There is to be a minimum of 10-minute intervals between tee times, 
  •  Remind golfers to keep two metres apart
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Signatures: 50Next Goal: 100
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