Please stop giving extension to retired Government Employees and hire more youngsters.

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The people of Punjab have given their mandate to a new Government under the able leadership of Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh. In the recent past, media has reported that the atmosphere in Punjab has been maligned by activities like drug problem, crime and desecration of religious holy books of all religions which are common inheritance of the humanity i.e. Guru Granth Sahib, Gutkas Sahibs, Holy Gita and Holy Quran.

To ward off such activities, there is a need to channel the energy of youth towards positive good which can be achieved by providing them job opportunities apart from business avenues.

If the government continues the policy to give extension to its retired employees or to rehire them, then job avenues for the young get reduced. Moreover the promotion chances of present younger employees are blocked, which may lead to frustration.

Fresh recruitment brings new talent, new thought and a fresh outlook. It gives immediate juniors the opportunity to acquire valuable experience which they would not get if old ones don't vacate their seats upon retirement.

The new government in Punjab has declared that it will review the decisions of the ex-government. It has started its innings with a promise to provide a job to each family. While it's a difficult task, the practice of extension and rehiring certainly does not help.

This petition is to request the Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh's government to act on this and to gain the goodwill of youth who have shown their faith in his able leadership.

We request the new government to stop the practice of job extensions beyond 58 years, advertise the vacant posts and finish the recruitment process of the already advertised vacancies to give more job opportunities. The promotions of junior employees may also kindly be speeded up. This will mean more satisfaction to the youth, less crime in society, more goodwill for Government and a win-win situation for all.



During signing for support in favour of this petition, we came across a hero. I salute the spirit of S.Baljinder Singh who has commented he will not take extension because he wants youth to get job opportunities.

For him, all I can say is THANKS SIR...

If we can inculcate such a spirit in the officers and officials of higher age group, our mission is doubly successful !!