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Pathway to reach the Tomb of Khawaja Khizar Alais-salaam Mentor of Baba Makdoom Mahimi

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A Pathway to reach the Tomb of Hazrat Khawaja Khizar Hayat-un-Nabi (Alais-salaam)

Mentor to the Legendary Baba Hazarat Makdoom Shah Mahimi

Dear Sir/Ma'am

We are very happy with the progress and keen overview by the CM for various developments  in Mumbai. One such project is the Beautification of the Mumbai Coastline. Work on the coastline project has started in full swing.

There are many structures along and in the coastline that have historic and special significance to the History of Mumbai  as a city and will add to the Tourist  and visitor   potential. The Coastline development project and the beach development is a wonderful idea to bring out the beauty of the Mumbai coast line

We however wish to draw  attention to the Mahim beach coastline which is cluttered with Waste and debris and the coastline spoilt beyond recovery. Here in this coast line lies the tomb of       the renowned  Hazrat Khawaja Khizar Hayat-un-Nabi (Alais-salaam)  who mentored the Baba Makdoom Shah Mahimi and a visit to this Shrine is considered a part of the visit to the Dargah of the Baba. The access to this tomb which is in the low tide coast line is through a natural pathway of rocks and some embankments of sand bags. This is full of Plastic waste clutter and  debris. Devotees to the Shrine who visit this tomb often slip fall into the water and receive cuts and  bruises on the sharp rocks and seaside. As there are senior citizens who also visit this Tomb it is a matter of time before something serious happens and  this has become a critical hazard.

Considering the situation We the propose to build a concrete pathway to the Tomb. We propose that this pathway and beautification of the Tomb and erection of a canopy over it be included in the beautification project of the Mahim coastline to which this Dargah lends its name. In the event  the Government does not have the budget to carry out this works under its own and provide for its upkeep; we propose that the sanctions and approvals required for construction of the pathway and erection of a canopy over the tomb as per design and in accordance with the coastline development plan be provided to the Makdoom Babas trust or similar NGOs or other bodies that can fund , and ensure upkeep of this Shrine.

The Baba and his Mentor are Sufi saints who have promoted universal brotherhood and promote cross cultural harmony including   me who profess a different faith but deeply believe in the Baba and his Mentor. The Government by accepting this plea will show its intent to promote universal brotherhood and promote cross cultural harmony and oneness of humanity and the Indian ethos and culture.

We the Devotees of the Makdoom Baba feverently beseech  you to provide support for approval to this proposal and include it in the coastal development plan for Mahim. We are thankful for your support.

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