Halt the use of Pressure Horns by State Transport buses

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We are all aware of the hazards of noise pollution especially those emanating from Motor Vehicles. The Motor Vehicles Act Section 119 (2) clearly bans the use of pressure horns by Motor vehicles. The Supreme Court and National Green Tribunal has endorsed this need. However, the Uttarakhand State Transport buses continue to openly flaunt this rule. I am a resident of Uttarakhand and along with all residents along the National Highway 109 between Haldwani and Nainital have been a witness to this abuse. Why are these buses allowed to have these horns installed? If the law-makers turn to becoming law-breakers than where does the ordinary citizen go! Please stop this abuse of the law! STOP THE USE OF PRESSURE HORNS! If the Punjab and other state governments can initiate strict action why not the Government of Uttarakhand?