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major issues of our village and that is ‘electricity’

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Dear Chief Minister,

With this letter, I would like to throw light on one of the major issues of our village and that is ‘electricity’. It’s been 26 years, but I haven’t seen a single glimpse of electricity in our village. Whenever I discussed the issue with my father and fellow villagers, they conferred that though the Governments changed in UP but the situation remained the same.

Although a government official visits our village often, but all we hear is a fake assurance, which we have been getting from very long time. We have lost hope and confidence in everyone we have approached till now. I live in a metro city like Delhi where people have all basic amenities available, but in my village, one of the most integral facilities is still missing and the beings are suffering severely due to the same.

It is really tough to lead a life without electricity. We always have to think twice before planning any vital event or a family function. As 2017 elections are approaching, we will surely see a lot of visitor in our village; however, they will come during the day to give us assurance and leave without giving us the results.

Sir, my question to you is- ‘Is this how we expected Digital India or Skill India to begin?’ How we are going to compete globally, if our roots are still dwelling in the darkness of deficient infrastructure?

I would like to share an interesting incident with you. One day, I was talking to a young boy from my village who recently completed his secondary education. I asked him ‘what is his future plan?’ His eyes lighten up as he started; however, got blank at a point further. He told me how he got a laptop from UP government, being a student of class 12th. His major concern was how will he use the laptop in our village where electricity is still a distant dream? Every day, he walks around 5 miles to get this laptop charged. Isn’t it really unfair, sir? It kills to see how even the student have given up on the system.

People have started leaving the village for the betterment of their kids. But, is that the solution? I cannot let it happen. Even Our M.P Mr. Haribansh Singh promised to provide us electricity within Six months during the Lok-Sabha Elections 2 years back. People are just helpless and have given up all the hopes of getting electricity in the village. What’s more painful is watching them giving up on the government and the system. But, I still have faith in good governance and social media since I am also a digital marketer. I know digital power can empower my words and make them reach the masses and you as well, sir.

I will await your action in the same regard,

Thanks & Regards,

Responsible Citizen Of India,

 Nilesh Yadav

‘Village Saroop Pur, Post Naudra, Dist. Pratapgarh, U.P 230306

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