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NO to Municipal Corporation in Noida !!

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Noida is one of the best urban developments in Delhi-NCR, National Capital Region. It has infrastructure Planning like Roads, Underpasses, Flyovers, Metro, Parks, Schools, Sector planning, plantation-Greenery, Cleanliness (relatively), Upcoming overground and underground Parkings - Par excellence !!

Even other neighbouring town developed on the similar Model, Greater Noida is same in terms of the planning and infrastructure development.

the credit goes to the Unique Model of 'Authority' developed by the state Govt for residential, commercial and industrial development. It has ben hugely successful. There must be some shortcomings but the city is far far better than all other cities in UP and much better than most cities in India barring some Union Terrories like Chandigarh.

The planning of every Sector in Noida is such that every sector has a school, Hospital, Community Centre and a Shopping centre, all of these atleast One, some of the sectors have multiple such institutions.

Now, recently there is a lot of prssure on the state Govt, Local Administration, Noida Authority and others concerned that Noida should have a Municipal Body.

The Model of City agovernance like Municipal corporation, Municipality etc has miserably failed in India. All of them are highly in-efficient, corrupt, ineffective and are nothing more than fulfillment of local level political workers and leaders who become Councillors or Parshads and some of them become Mayors and Deputy mayors etc.

The models failed in large and vibrant cities like Delhi and Mumbai leave alone the Moradabads, Varanasis and Saharanpurs of the world. There is dirt all over, drains are choked, roads are broken, parks are not there, parks are not maintained, illegal and unauthorised constructions all over and most importantly No Urban planning takes place.

Corruption is rampant all over these Municipalities and Municipal corporations.

With this track record of city governance of these city governening bodies, who has floated the idea of having a Municipality in Noida ? One thing is clear, he is not the well wisher of the city. This is purely political move with very narrow vision and agenda. The city is already a smart city and there is an effort to make it a dull and mismanaged city by some vested interests.

We urge All Noida residents, activists, Industrialists, Professionals, farmers and all institutions to raise voice against this move.

The Matter must also be looked at by the political representatives and leaders - Hon'ble MP and MLA of this lovely and lively City.

The visionary leaders like PM Sh.Narendra Modi and CM Sh.Yogi Aditya Nath ji, Even the new urban development minister at centre Sh.Hardeep Puri ji, who have very progressive and practical views must look at the need to replace the Municipalities with the Authority like professional bodies all accross the country especially in BJP ruled states.

We urge all concerned to stop politicisation of the city governance and be more progressive and development oriented and shun this ill advised and ill planned effort to have Municipal corporation like body in Noida.

There is already opposition to the Move by the RWA bodies and other stakeholders.

The views opposing the move can be mailed at A screenshot can be posted here in the comments.

Thank You,

Noida Residents

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