Springvale Homestead Katherine needs our help. Please sign our Petition.

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Springvale Homestead is listed on the NT Heritage Register. It is the oldest standing Homestead in our Northern Territory and is one of our Northern Territory’s and Katherine’s iconic attractions. Sadly however, it has been closed to the public for the last four years due to changes made by the Northern Territory Government to flood zone laws which meant waste water disposal of the past needs to be updated, costing over a quarter of a million dollars. Owner Werner Sarny has stated in the Katherine Times that he wants to make sure people know that he won’t stop trying to have Springvale Homestead reopened. Mr Sarny has sought help with community leaders to try and change the situation however this has gone on deaf ears and has continued to be passed between departments with no light at the end of the tunnel. 

Over the many years that Werner Sarny has invested and work to the benefit of Katherine and in reality the whole of our NT, with so much offshoot business due to his success, you would think the NT Government would jump straight in to have all issues sorted.  Michael Gunner and The Northern Territory Government need to intervene, stop the buck passing and ensure appropriate assistance is given. 

Werner Sarny is not asking for financial assistance. He is simply seeking resolution of the hand balling between departments on the changes that were made and what is allowed to now be built.

Katherine needs this tourist icon back up and running. 

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