Save Hyderabad's Greenery - Dissolve Tree Protection Committee (TPC)

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Hyderabad has been losing most of its fully grown trees making way for development. Even though we do have a Tree Protection Committee (TPC) it is not performing its duty diligently and has ended up only helping get rid of most of our fully grown trees, for Metro Project, SRDP, HRDC, etc. For example in an SRDP project where over 320+ trees were effected the TPC recommended felling 300+ trees and VATA FOUNDATION had to translocate all of the 300+ trees that were marked for cutting by TPC. 

Apart from giving clearance to cutting trees, it is not sure if alternate saplings are being planted and their survivability. We need to dissolve this dummy Committee that is only making it easy to rid our greenery and replace it with a stronger and more sincere body to ensure all the compensatory saplings are being planted and all the existing Fully Grown Trees are protected.