Removal of unofficial dumpyard in gandhamguda

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Summary: Removal of unofficial dumpyard in gandhamguda  

Personal story: We are the residents of Indusvalley Society beside Niyas libdom villas.The Dumpyard and the processing unit is in the proximity range which is causing the ground water polluted, foul smell and many health problems.There are around 450+ houses effected by this dumpyard.

The issue: Many people have come to Hyderabad for better living and purchased houses in Peeramcheru because of the greenary, Lakes and Peaceful Environment. But now the Dumpyard turned out to be a monster which is causing ground water contamination, the water colour has changed in to yellow like petrol.The foul smell is spreading everywhere causing many health issues in children and adults. The most effected people are Indusvalley society, Niyas libdom villas and 450+ houses nearby.

Take action! Requesting the GHMC, Government of Telangana to take an immediate action to stop the dump carrier trolleys, and remove the unofficial dumpyard