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Better Standard of Living for People of Hyderabad

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My heart pains every time I see beggars in my historic city - A city of Nawabs...  Hyderabad.. I am sure you yourself feel bad for such a sad state.. most of the time these beggars are not genuine.. it is not just in Hyderabad but across India.. 

There are young children, women still begging.. there are disabled people, children at signals.. 

This has been the case for decades now... I am more sixty years old and the advancement in technology and the jio sim in recent days did not change anything on this front..

Why doesn't the government introduce an APP for the people of India to alert an authority to pick individuals/women or children who beg and counsel them and help them get a better life..

It is high time our nation comes out of the developing nation tag and gets into the list of developed nations.. 

An APP which alert the officials with beggars location at one click can certainly help many people have a better and respectful life.

What does the Govt need to do?

1. Children who beg should be made to join Residential schools made by our hon'ble CM.

2. Men/ Women who beg basically needs counselling as honestly if someone actually wants to earn he/she can make it big.. These people are getting our city and country a bad name.

3. If they are begging for food then govt should Provide 3 meals give them suitable employment opportunity...

4. Provide them raw material to start a living - making paper bags, or employment opportunities as daily wage labourer.

Govt certainly has great minds working and they can make wonders happen.. I was a part of Telangana agitation myself and I honestly believe Swarna Telangana can be achieved with this one step..

Join my cause to restore development and self-respect to all individuals living in India..

Hyderabad certainly can set an example for the rest of the cities of India!

Jai Telangana

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